Mobile Editing

Mobile web pages need editing-no matter what theme you are using. Images, oversized text, and sidebars need to be adjusted into the content.

Responsive Mode

Unfortunately, there’s no button to instantly turn your website into a mobile-friendly version.
The modern complex text and images can be translated into an unreadable mess on smartphones.

The importance of mobile editing cannot be ignored or underdone. Many tutorials will place it at the end, but this is wrong for a few reasons:
The first and most important reason being that Google has now made sure any blogs uploaded to their site must have a minimum page speed of under 3 seconds to rank well on desktop and smartphones!

Mobile editing is a bit tricky to deal with, but the best themes for editing on your phone are newer, less complicated themes. The likes of Kadence or Astra will make it easier than ever before!

Measure Page Speed

Be sure to use a website that will give both mobile and desktop speed. Do not be tricked into believing that the desktop version speed is the same as the mobile version page speed. The mobile speed is usually slower, sometimes very much slower.

mobile editing

Best Themes for Mobile Editing-Kadence and Kadence Blocks

#1. Build Relevant Skill

Be sure to sharpen your mobile editing skills. Read blogs and listen to YouTube videos, Focus on what the instructors say. Follow along with the video on your website.

#2. Get The Right Path From The Best Learning Platform

The best learning platforms are YouTube Videos. Some people would like to learn from a specialized mobile website.

#3. Learn From The Professionals

My favorite YouTube videos that explain mobile editing is the following:

Jack In the Net This video is complete in both mobile and desktop editing in the Kadence theme.

David Lutke Create an Affiliate Website by Kadence In this video, David goes through every step with Kadence Theme and desktop and mobile editing.

Truthful Review of Mobile Editing

Connie Williams, Author

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Blog posts will include the following:

  • How to be sure the mobile post or page fits correctly on mobile phone
  • How to reduce font size
  • How to reduce image size
  • How to design a mobile post or page
  • Links to expert advise on mobile editing from the professional teachers